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Lest we forget - - -
We also have to record today's history -
While seeking out the past...  

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And yes I am still working on the site - its slow its small stuff on the pages already here adding tidbits here and there but its still active and being updated and added to.

Feel free to join in at "If you grew up in Culver/Lake Maxinkuckee In" you remember when....

This project was started back in September 1990 and then got put on hold for the next fifteen years. As research material was limited to what I had on hand since I did not have internet access nor the money to travel and buy research material

About 2004 I found I had lost my computer word files for the project - by way which I started with pencil/pen paper had coping the list of cottages /cottagers into a notebook taking home and inputting into an antiquated computer system - a Kaypro PC (Professional) a two 5 1/2 floppy drive, with no hard drive and no internet which I survived with for 13 years and internet did not come till some time around 2002; Xeroxing only the few plat maps found in 1990 as they had cottagers names attached

It does not seem like it was its been 32 years ago I started this project - there has been no monetary help - a few donations of material and its been a learning experience trail by error so to speak. All pages are done personally by me and are all hand coded so there has been a lot of work put into the site - it is a project of love for the Lake and the town of Culver in which I grew up around and in.

1953 was the first year that the lake directories were issued and gave a listing of all lake residents (or houses).

This was my "FIRST" working outline of the site along with listings from Lake Directories that were in the Marshall County Historical Society; there were but a few scattered issues from 1953-September 1990 when I started on this project.

From these I have worked backwards and forwards with what I could find; to trying and make a complete listing of the cottages and lake parcels and create a history for each.

The label as "non lakefront" is not meant to offend anyone - nor is it meant to be taken that it does not have lake access it could very well have, I have not deleved into that aspect unless it has been noted in a description of the property as having a legal access to the lake - the only meaning intended is that the house/cottage and or property is NOT located on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee aka "lake side" of the road - or thus directly connected to the Lake Maxinkuckee it means only that there is a road and/or alley between it and the lake.

Nothing within is set in "STONE" and everything is subject to change when documentation is found - through deeds, newspaper articles. etc. This is an ever changing project and site as new material surfaces. It is a never ending project that I will never see completed in my lifetime.

Web Site Created: 25 May 2004

ATTENTION COTTAGERS - you can write up your own history for these pages of cottages , biographies, send in clipped obits and articles etc. etc. - it would be most welcomed! Along with pictures, obituaries and anything else you want to contribute - PROMISE it will be up IMMEDIATELY upon arrival - not several weeks later, if at all possible - large amounts may take a day or two to get up but it will be up as soon as possible.

There are new things added a little at a time - they are hidden - I am hoping the "page updated code" is working for this site; on some other sites the same code refuses to work as it should.

Much research is needed to connect all the dots or the pieces of the lake cottages and properties that are listed in the various plat maps a good source or starting part would be the remaining abstracts of cottage and/or property abstracts if they still exist.

I hope you enjoy the site and it's new home. - My wish list for the site-

Maybe I have lost my original concept - maybe I have lost my mind - maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew and produce - maybe I am crazy - Any of you are welcome to tell me so!

I just hope that someone gets some use out of it, enjoys it, finds it interesting, informative and just maybe learn something they did not know about Lake Maxinkuckee and Culver - I have!.

What I am trying is to recover lost history - and I know I may have taken on a project to big for me - and lost my mind - but

I love history and genealogy - so guess I am entitled to the crazy idea of recapturing - it all - If it can be.

I guess I am trying to accomplish to much - I am to much a perfectionist - but David taught me that if you do it do it right - and the same way Genealogy has taught me to do it too - to collect it - to organize it and to DOCUMENT IT with all possible sources etc.

I have no idea if what I am or if what I am doing is wanted or accepted - but so be it

I know it is far from complete - there is a beginning, middle and of course there will be NEVER be an ending - Like a family genealogy this will never end till the last cottage and cottager is non-existent. So someone will have to pick-up after I can no longer do this site but who???? I know my efforts may not be appreciated or accepted by certain people but so be it - everyone is entitled to present their views of history and preserve it the way they find it.

So far to date I have not seen anything on the Lake and its cottages as I have planned within these pages; this is hopefully just a start. My plan was to put the history the genealogy [people] of the lake together all in one concise area - not here - there and every where in this book - that book - this map - this directory etc.

I have been trying to preserve what little knowledge David left me with - when he died on 23 Aug. 1990 - he refused to have recorded by - video, tape recorder - or written word - thus - to say the least we lost a lot of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee history whether it be - MYTH - LEGEND - FACT. A lot of others took the local history with them too - its been a on going thing for generations -

Someone has mentioned idea of book form - possibly - but still allot of work to be done - and if converted to book format - would it have to be condensed to make it feasible for publishing? Would there be supporters? Would any one buy it? With publishing it in book form as is here on the web - it would be an outrageous cost and price per copy. Plus I guess I have the wrong attitude - it is our Lake history - it should be preserved - collected in one area and in a somewhat organized way - and accessible to all. Especially since a lot of the earlier history is disappearing - cottages being destroyed, replaced by new ultra modern building. For the future generations to come and for those of today. Just how does one really convert a VIRTUAL history into book form and not loose the content and quality and the accessibility?

Now I just got to decide who will get all these files - if anyone will ever be willing to keep the format, content and carry on this project as formatted - and it's purpose - a free, virtual, semi-organized history and genealogy of the lake and area - not not scattered here there and yonder -
    Also since 2012 there has been a lot of revamping, moving folders to single ones instead of nested into others- to make instant access to material that's been hidden - also to aide in research and in preparing the site for the future when it will be passed on to another... it is hoping by simplifying into into mainly single folders it will not be to overwhelming for the person who will inherit it and that they will continue the tradition I have started in preservation of both the history and genealogy of Lake Maxinkuckee.

    NOTHING is lost its only re-located - with lot of new indexes hopefully to enable you to maneuver around easier - also in place has been an expanded search engine which I have even found very useful. Also I have back-ups of the site at different periods that have to be sorted thorough and checked with what's online -

To quote Bob Rust from A Historical Review Grace United Church of Christ Culver, Indiana 1885-1985:
    In the 1880's development of lakeshore properties began. One parcel of 100 ft. frontage lots south of Maxinkuckee Landing were offered for $200 to $300 each. Earlier a 160-acre farm, South Shore, Lake Maxinkuckee brought a record price of $2.00 to S5.00 per acre. In 1906 Long Point lots were offered for & 6.00 per foot, and in 1921, a 65-ft. East Shore lakefront lot sold for $1,200... lakeside homes were being built in the late 1870's...In 1919, records show that there were 146 cottages on 196 Lake Shore lots....

And as someone one wrote:
    I threw out all my dad's legal stuff when he passed away in 1991 - including every detail of i information about the lake cottage he'd accumulated.

Okay - I know how that goes - and hind thought one can kick ones self - You think it is no historic or genealogical value - and away it goes - so much has been lost because of it - some may never be able to be recovered - especially now since abstracts no longer exist unless by sentimental value - - now all you get is title insurance that tells you nothing of the history of the property -

It will be an ever changing site - as I refine the data within and find new. The greatest portion of this site is all up now - just for the RESEARCH, DOCUMENTATION and CORRECTIONS - Now with the site map I have my outline or index at a glance. I also have a research chart or log of cottages and cottagers up to the 1922 and some for 1930; and have marked on what plat maps I found them on and also the obits & bios I have. This will better aid my research efforts too. Where do I go next ? - back to beginning to check everything out - - to the library read the old newspapers trying to find clues and facts and data to continue the quest. I wish there was some way that I could borrow of the microfilm of the papers and work within the quite confines of my own computer room - I have my own microfilm reader

I love history - genealogy - and what better legacy to leave my children, step children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, step-great-grandchildren, and step great-great grandchildren - some of the memories, tales, legends and myths - of David Boswell Burns - now hoping that memory serves me correctly - as piecing together. Thus I am remembering what he spoke of - and trying to document it all into whether it is factual or fiction - using my knowledge of history (instilled into me by Sister Vivian history instructor at Ancilla College) and my love of genealogy - thus the mixture of myth, legend, fact and history all mixed into on great big kettle - and stirred up - becomes - History and Genealogy of Lake Maxinkuckee It's Intrigue.

David sure left his mark on Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee - and his ever famous words when asked to do a job - "I'll be there Tuesday" I can hear those words today - and Leon Bennett was given back the sign he gave David with the saying on it [that was in his truck window for several years] - Gee, maybe I can use those words - about this site - SORRY - I'LL DO IT TUESDAY??????

Even if at this point in time it is unwanted by all - keyword - IT IS FREE!. I am the one loosing countless hours of sleep trying to prefect the site - presentation - wondering where the next tib-bit of information is coming from - trying to figure out how to locate and find information - and research materials for free.

This is a labor of love - not compensated by anyone - a love for the Lake - as was with David - a lot of his reflections that never were written down

I welcome the the comments, legends, myths, facts of Lake Maxinkuckee - They do help in recounting and finding the real truth and history. Oh how I wish I had written down much of what David told about the lake and its people - but as it is said hind site is a far better and bitter lesson learned!

One keeps asking of the mysterious lights over Lake Maxinkuckee and if anything has been said of them; or if any one has said anything of seeing them - I have never seen them - has anyone seen them? When do they appear? What are their direction of travel? Is there a theory on the mysterious lights over Lake Maxinkuckee? If so what is it?